Weekly Forecast November 9

The New Moon in Aries on Friday coincides with a fractional solar eclipse. The New Moon typically represents new beginnings, but it can be about endings, too – in special, the kind that’s necessary before you can move on to something new. Eclipses can come with intense change – often faster than you’re prepared for. New chance could open up or case suddenly change. Any endings are final.21 oct
The period of effect of eclipses can be somewhere from four to five days to five months or even a year for powerful ones. This week’s eclipse isn’t a special strong one. It’s fractional, and the astrological chart, while indicating some challenges, also contains the probable for positive outcomes to any endings that might occur.
That’s not to say it will be easy. It’s never easy to be forced to let go of something. Until the new occasion comes, it’s difficult, if not unthinkable, to understand and accept the loss, and capital punishment in mid air without a safety net is fearsome. I almost don’t want to tell you all of this. As much as we don’t want to be afraid, there is something magical about breaking through fear and disappointment. That’s one of the mysteries of transformation and is well-known to alchemists. It’s why the clue for Hollywood films includes the death or near death of the hero before he returns successfully.21 octobe
Death and transformation. How very Scorpio.
Of course, it’s encomiastic in the movies. Not many people are going to war the Dark Lord and be struck down lifeless, only to unawares wake up and when the source of all bad. For most of us, we fight is more earthbound. Nonetheless, we battle our own giant, and life can be a constant struggle between the forces of darkness and light. Of all the signs, Aries best represents that scramble.

Earlier on Tuesday, Pluto and Jupiter form a supportive sex-tile. Whereas Pluto represents the divine Femininity, Jupiter represents the divine masculine; thus they are sometimes referred to as the cosmic lovers. There’s a lot of symbolism in this happy relationship between the two, just as both are about to enter new indication, with Pluto conjoins the Sun and Moon at an eclipse. Lessons have been learned. The veiling comes down on the final performance, and practice begins for the new play.
It’s also entertaining that Pluto enters a significant co-ruled by Jupiter and in which she’s not at her best, while Jupiter on Monday  enters Capricorn, in which he is very strong. But she is strengthened by Saturn in Libra, suggesting that difficulties can be addressed through good communications. Note, I didn’t say “easy” communications. Some subjects are hard to talk about, and it can be easier to keep the peace by remaining silent. That won’t work now, as it’s too easy for heartburn  to build up and breakage all the effort you’ve made to make a stronger bond.21 october
Nevertheless, all the transfers, this week and believable for opening and closing doors, I don’t think it will be as unquiet as we’ve seen recently or November and December. Any changes are likely to be the next step in situation that have been ongoing. But then, one step is all that lies between the speeding train and the ditch.Wishing you all much love and daring.


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