This Week’s Horoscopes

horoThis week brings us to the heart of the case, as Jupiter retrograde in arise moves into a conjunction with the Sun on Friday, October 14, signaling the deeply part of its journey. It’s the halfway mark of the retrograde cycle and we are also in-between two eclipses. Potentate times .ihob

Applied by the Sun’s light, Jupiter was thought by the ancients to be in the deeply part of its underworld journey at this phase of ts retrograde cycle. We can’t go back and we cannot fully see our way out. Might as well sit a moment, stoppage and touch down. Some might call it hitting rock bottom. Horoscope person thinking always positive .But if we have hung in and hunkered down during the first half of this retrograde this next phase can bring clarity of answers well capable, fought for and most likely needed.hfggh

Jupiter rules magic, luminary spaces, traversing worlds and transgressing boundaries as well as being the god of communication and information. This phase of Jupiter cycle asks us to turn our knowledge into mentality. We must be willing to be transformed by the knowledge we receive in order to grow from it. Otherwise we might as well just be meat-colored computers.ho

As the god of transitional spaces, the summary of Jupiter is present during our personal transitions. If we’re lucky, we get to have an experience of being bewildered, lost and confused about who we are and what we thought we wanted because then we search for meaning, medication and clearness. That search is our own personal pedigree into the underworld. What we do with the information — if we are changed, transformed and informed by it — is our choice aone. Choose wisely.
Aries & Aries Rising

For all the confusion, censure and trouble that last week’s eclipse may have brought you and your identical, partners, this week looks like it’s ready to release the tension through some tender aggravate and terrifically attractive, tastes of for giveness. Oh yes, for giverness. You forgot about that little ditty, didn’t you? moo

Just remember: it’s still eclipse season, so let’s not get this pause in the performance twisted. It’s just that I believe in celebrating every turn of the season, and while Jupiter is still twisted , this week marks an important phase of its journey. It’s aligning with the deep, bright, beautiful heart of the Sun. While Jupiter licentious is known for confusion, this moment can clean up some of the lawlessness and debrief us on the rubbish floating about so that we find a moment of clearness. And that moment of clearness is for you via another or at least about your relationship to another. I am hoping that the current transit of your ruling planet, Pluto, has left you errant pastyour normally known reality without even an extra ounce of rigidity. Anytime you sense yourself cutting down an expansive thought, rally the Masters in your mind and have a meeting. Go back to fairness, go back to win-win, go back to before anyone had to be wrong and see if there isn’t a third way through this duality.




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